H1B RFE stating degree is unrelated, what should be done in this case

Hi, I have applied for fresh H1B this year.I have got an RFE stating my degree is not matching with the Job offer which is made by my sponsored company. I have a bachelor degree in commerce from India and have 6 years of experience in IT. USCIS clearly mentioned in my RFE that my degree is unrelated hence my employer is planning to consult a credentials evaluation service about getting an Expert Opinion Letter to satisfy the RFE demands. 

I am looking for a way which can help in my case and want to know whether the expert opinion letter can help towards getting an approval.

You have 6 years of work experience. So your employer can show how you gained skills and expertise in those 6 years that would help you w/ your H-1 job. Get the job requirements for the H-1 position, and then show specific experiences you have pertaining to each requirement.

Hi Saurabh, Thank you for your reply. My employer had already submitted the evaluation letter along with H1B but still I got RFE. My employer is telling that they will be needing the extensive detailed evaluation letters. What do you think? Can this be helpful and help me to get approval.

Thank you in advance.

Education evaluation is done for your degree and not work experience. They need to show how you are qualified for the position even w/ the Commerce degree i.e. based on your experience. Yes, it has to be extensive and they will have to do point by point match to show how you qualify for the offered position.

Let’s keep all subsequent communication related to this over here (and not open new questions).

Thanks again for your time Saurabh. My employer is ready to go for extensive Credential evaluation service. As I have to pay for that, I want to know if this is really helpful. They recommend me to get 2 letters from different authorities. They are in process to get such letters from PH.D prof. what do you advice, 2 letters are good to submit along with RFE or it may cause any issue? Is it really worth and can be a help to get H1B?

Will the evaluation show that your degree is indeed related to the offered position? If yes, then go for evaluation. If not, then look for other documents like work experience letters to show that compensate for missing relevant degree by having 6 years of experience.

I don’t get why your employer is not focussing on important of work experience but totally focussed on education. B.Com is no way related to IT job and they cannot build an association. What kind of information will the PhD prof would provide?

Do you have an attorney or are all the decisions being made by the employer?

Hi Saurabh, I got my petition approved. I am planning to visit India. Do I need to go for stamping in india. If yes then what all documents I need to carry and what is the process need to follow to get the stamping done.

Yes, you will have to go for visa stamping in order to return and work on H-1. There are articles on the main blog that list the documents required for H-1 visa stamping.

Thank you Saurabh. Is there any rule changes on h1b visa stamping process. I was just browsing some posts and found that one has to go for finger print first and then some other day for interview. Is that true!
As I got the RFE , is that a issue for interview.

Hi, My husband has applied for H1B this yr . We too got an RFE as my husband is Commerce graduate. The H1B consultant is working with attorney to get some documents done here in US itself but they said it will be beneficial if we could get more inputs from the University where my husband studied. How can we get the education evaluation done from the University? What is the format which USCIS need? They have mentioned they need the scores according to the US grading system and the hours devoted to subject related to computers. He has 11+ yrs of IT experience. If you also had got this done from India, pls share your experience. Thanks!

Check with your attorney if he can help you to get a evaluation letter from one of the university here in US. You will have to bear the cost but it’s worth paying money for that.

Hi… I have similar case. pls et me know what kind of evaluation did your employer submitted for RFE?

It was a evaluation letter based on degree and experience justifying the eligibility.

Hi guys, I know this post is an year old I am still taking my chances as I haven’t found anything helpful on the net so far. Is there any way you can provide more details around what was the content of the letter? I know it differs case by case but I am looking for a more generic guideline. I have got an RFE based on an unrelated degree too.

Hi, It was a letter signed by one of the University professor to validate dregree & experience. My employer arranged that letter for me. You might want to check with your employer if he can help you with the letter.

Thank you for the response Rimpi.