H1B RFE - SOW for different project under same Client

Hi I received an RFE. During petition i submitted client letter with Project name X and i did not submit SOW. Now i received RFE asking for SOW, end client letter again and project description document. Project X SOW is completed. Now my employer gave some other SOW for Project Y under same client. SOW doesnt have description about project but name is different. What name should i mention in project description document - the one i mentioned in client letter submitted during petition or the one mentioned in SOW? My current client manager is different. Can i get new client letter signed with new client manager or with my old client manager?

Work orders and project details are very important as USCIS has mandated those details as per the regulations in the last year or so. Check H1B third party worksite requirements. You need to discuss with your attorney on this and submit details based on what was sent before.