H1B RFE Review processing time 60 days?

I Can see in my status as RFE Review & You should receive response in 60 days. Which means they will take max 60 days or there are possibility to exceed 60 days?

My petetion details:

Filing date. : 4th June 2012

Received RFE. : 29th Sep 2012

Changed to RFE Review. : 20 Dec 2012

It can take more than 60 days as well. However, historically USCIS prefers to process most of the applications by March to make space for next batch of processing. So even if it take more than 60 days, they should still process it by Mar.


Date Petition Submitted - 8-Apr-13
RFE - 16-June-13
RFE Response Review - 23-Jul-13
Category - Regular

It still shows RFE Response Review…

Kindly let us know if your status has changed. My timeline is almost similar. IT is still in response review.