H1B RFE Response

Hi, situation is my company has filed H1B with Vendor letter when i am with A-Company.I have an RFE on my H1B asking for employer-employee relationship. Later, I lost job in A-company. Now i am working at different company and different state…I only have Prime vendor letter to replay my RFE.my Attorney say’s that Prime Vendor will not Satisfy the USCIS & I should need Client Letter… Client says they can’t provide the letter.

so, now I am Responding RFE with New client location, LCA & Prime vendor letter stating that i am currently working in End- client location.

I want to know…what is the % of approvals of these kind of cases…?

Have you seen anything approved?

Also Please suggest me the best way to respond for Approval.

Frankly, I think this is a difficult spot. You are changing LCA when the petition is still pending and this could be tricky. I don’t know of any cases where this was successfully applied.

Still you have an attorney hired, so they would be able to guide you better.