Myself and my friend applied for H1B last year through same consultancy initially i got a RFE and my friend didnt receive any update after the lottery.

In March he processed it as premium, he too got a RFE and after submitting the documents his request got Denied.

Am still waiting on the case RFE documents have been submitted on Decemeber almost 4 months ,i didnt heard anything from UCSIS.

Is it a good idea to keep hopes on this still .

You should remain hopeful until the final decision is made. What was your friend’s denial reason? Did you both receive same RFE?

Thanks a lot for the reply Saurabh

RFE is same for both of us
We are waiting for the reason for denial

Unfortunately, if the RFE reason was same, and employer submitted same response to both then petition may meet similar fete.

Every thing is same except the client details as said by the consultancy guy
He says that he shared same docs for few other guys who got approved
I don’t have no option listening to his story