H1b RFE Response Review is taking for ever(2018)


Hi ,

My company has applied H1b for me which got picked and I got a RFE on Aug 11th which we replied on Oct 5th. But still today it says RFE Response Received.

Its been more than 90 days and still no response, how long do you think it take ?

Applied on April 2017


Hi Rahul,

I am in the same situation. We responded back to the RFE in the last week of Aug 2017 and the status is still the same.

Its been more than 5months since we have responded and there has been no update.

Applied April 2017.



mine too same case, RFE response filed in August and since then No update (its now about close to 6 months)


I too have the same situation, I got RFE and replied RFE on 6th OCT, still, there is no update, anyone got update on their petition. It is been about 5 months to complete.


No friend…i think many people are in same situation…keep us posted if you get any update


did you recieve any update


Update:after almost wait of 6 months mine they have rejected , stating no specialty job to approve
I pray good luck for you