H1B RFE response for Employee Employer Relationship

Hi all,

I have received RFE for my H1 extension (premium processing) at
California Center and per my employer it is related to Employee
Employer Relationship. A little background, we initally submitted in
regular processing in the month of June which we updated to premium on
sept and received RFE… My employer asked me to submit updated manager
letter ( from my employer side), SOW and client letter… I was able to
obtain the client letter which states that the project will be
extended as 12/31/2013 and my employer controls me etc…the current
SOW I have will be expiring in this year end… When I spoke with my
employer, they said that they are planning to submit the client letter
and not the current SOW as the current SOW have a end date of this
year dec 31st… Please let me know if you see any issue in doing that
in the RFE response? Also, the manager from my employer side has
changed since the time I applied initially in June so as RFE response
I am giving a new manager letter from my employer side who is my new
manager from my employer side …My project is same as it is- now, due
to this change do you think USCIS may raise a concern and issue a

Also, since you have more expertised knowledge and expereince, do you
think in California service center will treat the client letter as
main component in reviewing the RFE response? Please help.