H1b RFE Received - Start Date, Info

Hi Kumar/Admin,
i need quick help here. i received an RFE last week and not aware yet what it is.
in how much time usually RFE is resolved? As i have to visit India in December 2019.
Also while responding RFE can i upgrade my case processing to premium? is it safe to do now?
Appreciate your response, need help before making decisions.
California center/AD/RP

Well, it all depends on the RFE you got. If you have got something simple, you can respond soon, if not it may take time…Yes, you can do that. Yes, safe to do that. Until you see the copy of RFE, you would not know, so check with your attorney.

Thanks Kumar for replying. i’ll keep posted.
Also in general i would like to know if H1B is approved after December 2019 when will be the start date ? can it be any date or it has to be next fiscal year which could be October 2020?
Thanks in Advance.

It will be immediate once the H1B is approved from that day. You can check on the original petition, when the start date was submitted as to verify…No, you cannot submit for H1B more than 6 months before the start date, so that is not possible to have it for Oct 2020.

Hi Kumar, Thanks for your reply.
i wanted to know while replying for Speciality occupation rfe can i use the courses i did in my bachelors? For instance… i am able to perform xyz job because i had similar course xyz in my bachelors degree. please let me know if i can list my duties in this way. thanks in advance

Yes, that is something that is commonly done. They use professor letters as well at times. it also ties back to the position that is offered, so having that correlation is important.

Hello Kumar,
Asking on behalf of friend.
If H1B petition was filed as a Consular notification, as per my understanding it should not impact Pending case negatively if he is traveling abroad on F1 Stem during that time ,am i correct ?

Also if he is being in abroad and pending case with USCIS was approved with Consular notification, can he still choose to activate H1B visa later and travel US with F1 stem visa(unexpired) and apply later for Visa stamping in foreign country once back in US ?

Appreciate your response and thanks in advance. your replies are really helpful in many ways. thanks in advance.