H1b RFE pertaining to equivalence to completion of a college degree

Hi Saurabh,

My education is mechanical engineering and also out of 12 plus years of experience 11 years of experience is in mechanical Industries. (But out of 11 yrs; 8 years I worked for one mechanical organisation as oracle end user for almost all modules of oracle. Also I used to work with different software venders as their SME for getting various software projects done for my dept.)

And only one years of experience is in core computer field.

I have received RFE last week on my petition as programmer analyst.

It has 3 evidence demands:

  1. Evidence pertaining to the proferred position.

  2. Evidence pertaining to the beneficiery’s qualification.

  3. Evidence pertaining to equivalence to completion of a college degree.

So do you think getting educational evaluation done from evaluator will be useful in my case?

If not can you suggest what I need to do?

Is experience evaluation also covered in education evaluation?

I will really be thankful if you could spare some time for responding my query.

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Can smone pls answer?

Education evaluation should be done especially to address #3.

You should also get letters from old employers/colleagues/managers who can explain what you did there in previous jobs which has helped you to get current qualifications.

There should also be a letter explaining what the job requirements are and how you fulfill those requirements. If there are other employees in the company (non-H-1) w/ similar profiles, then that can also be provided.

Your attorney should be driving such a RFE.

Hi Saurav…

I dont know how can I thank you for your valuable answer and for running this website which has helped me throughout the H1 process.
I followed your suggestions at every step and I have approved H1 from H4 finally. I have experienced all sort of problems till I reached this stage. I mean right from landing in US right the next day when last year’s quota was exhausted till my RFE. But your website guided/consoled me at every stage like finding/choosing employer, lottery ups & downs and how to answer my big 8 page RFE. My struggle has not ended yet as I have wrong name printed on my I-797 & I94. But hoping it will be solved eventually.

Thanks a million!!!
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