H1B RFE not responded..Impact on New H1B transfer?

  1. I am with Company A and having valid I-94 until Dec 2014.

    1. Company B filed premium H1B transferand got RFE. They wanted client invitation letter. RFE was not responded since I did not get client invitation letter (Reason being that position was closed and I did not Join Company B at all). I had to reply to RFE by Jan 15,2013. During this process I did not resign and still with Company A.

    Note : I did not join COMPANY B at all during above process.

    Now my question is

    a) Now I have an offfer from Company C. Can I go ahead and Join company C?
    b) Is there any impact of pending H1B transfer by Company B (Here still I see H1B status as initial review filed by Company B ?