H1B RFE bcoz my attorney included EVVC instead of EVC layers

I have applied for my H1B in masters quota for fiscal yr 2014 and I have received a RFE from USCIS:

Let me provide you the detail information. 

As of March 1st I had EVVC relationship(Employer-Vendor-Vendor-Client) for ex : A-B-C-D. We thought EVVC can create problems for my H1 approval. We have removed middle vendor ie C on March 18th and created a new agreement as EVC. Some where in the application itenary,my attorney included EVVC (A,B,C,D) instead of EVC(A,B,C). RFE states that there is no documentation provided for the vendor(C), which is not at all in the layers. Please provide me your kind suggestions, how to proove that there is no vendor (C) in between the layers. Waiting to hear from you and I appreciate your responses, which will help my case to be resolved and get my approval.



The attorney should take care of this. Submit a letter explaining that it was a typo and there is no C anymore. As proof they can submit contracts b/w all remaining entities.