H1b_rfe and OPT expired

Hi Saurabh,

Hope everything is fine at your end.

I have few queries. Your response is highly appreciated.

My H1b file by company A and has got RFE. they responded and waiting for final decision. I was on OPT till september 5th. waiting for H1b Decision

My question is:

  1. I am planning to take admission to new school and start working on F1 CPT course. But what happens if my H1b is approved with COS. Will I lose my F1-CPT status?

  2. If I plan to transfer my Visa once approved to Company B. As oct 1 is passed, will I still need Salary slip. As my opt is expired I am currently not working so I don’t have pay slips from September.

Thanks in advance.

Response is highly appreciated.

  1. Yes, you would lose F-1 CPT once H-1 is approved w/ COS.

  2. You would need OPT payslips for the period ending Sep 5. Depending upon how much after H-1 approval your H-1 transfer is applied, you may have to submit H-1 payslips. For example, if the gap is 1 month then those payslips are needed; but if the gap is 5-7 days then no H-1 payslips are needed.