H1b: revoked the approval of your case

Hi All,

I had a valid H1b petition and visa stamped. I dint join the company that filed my case and hence my visa was unused.

I recently applied for B1 visa and while interview in embassy, the lady asked if I am still working with the company who filed my h1b. I said no and she wrote C.P.W.D on my stamped visa. I enquired further and people on this portal confirmed that it was just stamping which was cancelled not the petition.

After a month later, I received an email from USCIS statis “On December 1, 2016, we revoked the approval of your case, Receipt Number WACxxxxxxx, and mailed you a revocation notice.”. These seems linked to me. I can not check with the employer as I dint join that company.

What are the option do I have to actually check what does this email means. Revocation notice must also be received by the original company and his mailing address. So I am not sure if this email was sent as system glitch and no means to check revocation notice.

It feel like my h1b has gone waste…pleae help with your exp if I have any option to know the exact status.

Anyone with expertise in this area? It will certainly be an help as this information is not widely available.