H1B Revoked Pettion Can be cap excempt after 6 years?

Hello All,

I have an approved H1B petition(from a third party company, where I did not work) , approved on March 2016. I have never used that H1B for work or travel to USA because I have got L1 Visa from my current company. I did not do H1B Visa stamping too. Since I did not join the company who initiated my H1B, they have revoked my H1B on 2017, I have the approved petition copy.

Now my L1 tenure is almost done and I will go out of USA for an year to complete the cooling period. Once my cooling period is done, is it possible to file a cap except H1B Visa with the help of my previously approved (but revoked) H1B petition?

Appreciate your answer on this.