h1b revoked by employer A and going for stamping for employer B shortly


I currently have a H1B visa stamped on my passport which is valid till end of 2015 from Employer A.

In the meantime I got an offer from Employer B who filed a cap exempt H1B petition showing the approval notice from Employer A. Once the petition from Employer B got approved, I informed Employer A about my decision not to join them. I would be going for stamping for Employer B first week of Feb 2013.

Based on my mail indicating my decision not to join them, Employer A has revoked the H1B petition they have filed. The revocation is completed by USCIS.

I still stay in India and have not travelled to US on H1B visa issued by Employer A.


  1. Would the previous revocation of H1B cause any problem while going for visa stamping for Employer B at the consulate?

  2. In general change of mind to join Employer B than Employer A would be seen as a negative attitude by the VO while going for stamping in future?

  3. Since my previous petition is revoked, am I still eligible for cap exempt filing of H1B in future?

  1. No

  2. No

  3. Yes, based on B’s approved petition