H1B Revoked at POE under 212(a) (7) (A) (I) (I)


I applied H1B for client A Location A and got stamped Valid till Sep 30 2017. Applied amendment change and travelled with receipt notice for Client B , Location B. At POE they revoked my visa under 212(a) (7) (A) (I) (I) for not having the approved I797 document for Client B and asked to get the new stamping for new location (Location B) and travel back

  1. Please tell me whether I can go for stamping once I got the approved notice.

  2. Will I get the I797 document with extended period.

Please refer to this question asked on August 6th. I think it will show up lower on the page in ‘related questions’

Sent back from USA at PoE and Visa was revoked under 22 CFR 41.122 on my H1-B,Can I reenter USA again