H1b revocation

Hi i am on valid H1b , i am with client project , My employer is threatening me for my h1b revocation, i am not sure when he will apply for revocation he is giving me verbal information due to i have not agreed some illegal stuff with him/better to go back to country . I need to keep Professional relation with client so i cannot leave client without 15 days notice period as per signed contact. I have threat to go bsck country after my contracts with client end in 1 day. he is not ready to give me 10 days so that i can pack my things. I have also my some of balance money with him to cover this 10 days paystubs - i dont trust him any more.

please suggest me the timeline if employers apply for withdrawal - and how employee will know that he has applied. as per blogs i see there is no grace period and how this rule in US layoff any h1b employer without giving legal notice of dates. so that i can forward that to my client.

H1B revocation is not quick, it is a very slow process. It will take many months to get the result, even if your employer applies for it today. So you need not worry about all the threats that your employer makes at all. If you have a receipt number of your approved H1b, just transfer your visa to another employer.

Whatever may be in the contract that you signed, many state laws protect you from such extreme clauses that employers use to exploit in the contract.