H1B Revocation send for the current employer

Candidate was picked from H1B pool and went for the interview and a got a 221g . The employer was asked to submit a couple of documents and by the time it was almost an year and USICS sent the revocation letter to the employer. You can get more details from the website with the case number above. What are the possible options in this case for path forward , Case number : EAC1714853080 . The candidate is currently in India

– Can this to be transferred to a new employer from India ?
— I797 is approved till July 2020

Need advice from experts here , Please let me know .

Well, this is slightly a grey area. As you did not get H1B Stamped, USCIS may question that you never had H1B status. Some had success, some did not had success. If you were to have H1B Stamped, the chances were better. As it was revoked as well, you would need to go through lottery again.