H1B Revocation , Out of Status

Hi All,

I am travelling to India next week and my employer is applying for H1b Revocation on This week friday 5th. Will i be out of status from the day employer applies for revoking h1b (or) from the day when uscis approves it.

He told me uscis will take time to approve the revoking. So, atleast for one month i am safe …Is that true ? or i have an option to apply for change of status …

Should i cancel my tickets to fly and apply for cos immediately . No clue what to do .

Your grace period starts when you get to know the USCIS decision on it. If you apply for COS and go out of country, your COS application will be rejected. You must be in USA to get your COS approved.

Hi Ramana,

Thank You So Much for the response .
My employer applied for revoking the visa on April 11th and I came to India by April 13th. I am in India right now and planning to fly back on May 31st. I have a previous H4 Stamped till Oct 2015. I am planning to come back on H4. Do i need to take any advisory meassures while comming back .

Thank you !