H1B revocation and again application

I have valid H1B visa.
I haven’t traveled to US.

My Employer “A” have contract with Company “B”.
Meanwhile there was some issue and They have initiated Visa Revocation.

Now, If there is another contract with Company “C” by Employer "A’, Who are ready for my H1B. How can I proceed further ?

Do I need to apply for lottery again or still It can be considered as “CAP Exempt” ?

Employer cannot do visa revocation, they can only withdraw their petition.
Did you get H1B stamping ?

Yes H1B stamping is done.

Then you maybe able to file for H1B transfer and file as cap exempt. If your visa was revoked due to fraud by State Department, then you may not be able to…Check more on it here : 9 FAM 403.11 (U) NIV REVOCATION