H1B Renewal Stamping

Hi I’ve been on H1B for the past 4.5 years. My first i797 was from September 2017 to September 2020. In November 2019 I went to India and attended visa interview. I got my visa stamped in the passport till September 2020. My company applied for my H1B renewal and I got a new I-797 approved from September 2020 through Sept 2023. I need to go to Europe at the end of this year for a family wedding. I don’t want to go to India for Visa stamping due to COVID and also very expensive. I’m looking to go to Mexico or Canada for H1B renewal but with COVID situation its very difficult to get interview dates. Can someone please give me some options on how I can safely leave US and enter without any issues in December 2021?

You can leave the US whenever you want with no issues. You do need a valid visa to enter back though. Check the possibility of scheduling and attending visa interview in the country you will be visiting in EU.