H1b renewal stamping with H4 wife First Stamping together

Hi All,

Our Case- H1b applicant is eligible for dropbox facility. But my H4 is not as I filed my change of status from F1 to H4 here in the US after we got married here in the States. We both have approval notices.

I need a some advice:
Should my husband opt out of dropbox facility and we file our application together and appear in the interview together since it is my first time stamping in India after the approved H4

Is it better to file separately- H1b applicant using the dropbox option and H4 applicant going for the interview alone. Would it impact my (H4 applicant) case negatively that my spouse filed for dropbox instead of coming to the interview with me? And Is it even possible to go for H4 stamping visa interview while H1b application is being processed in the dropbox facility ?

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It is pure preference and does not matter. If your spouse is eligible for dropbox, why not leverage it and get it done that way and you can go for visa stamping.

It is all perception that one is better than other. It will not impact your H4 chances. If you are worried, you can go for it together H1B + H4, but it does not matter…

Thank you. We really appreciate your reply.

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