H1B Renewal - Client Letter Vs SOW

Hi -
I have travelled to India on 5th March 2020 with Valid Visa for vacation and stuck here due to Covid-19. My Visa was expired on 31st May 2020. My Company XYZ applying for H1B renewal and We received Client Letter and in that there is one paragraph as below
"In addition, a new project-specific agreement, extending XYZ’s services for ABC until 31st October 2022 is waiting to be signed and will not be available until 10th September 2020"

Now that our company XYZ completed the signing of contract agreement until 31st October 2022.

So, My company is going to file my case with existing Client Letter(it has above paragraph) and new signed SOW.

Question: Is there any chance of getting RFE due to Old Client Letter and new signed SOW?? Please advise.