H1B renewal approved for one year


         I am transferring jobs, and as per my old employer, i had my H1B visa approved until Sept 30, 2015. However, I have received a new h1 visa until Oct 31, 2014 as per the new employer petition.

WHen asked about the shortened duration of visa, the employer mentioned USCIS granted only for a year and half.

I wanted to know what happens now, will my visa duration get reduced to 2014? I started my 1st H1b from Oct1, 2012, 

Will I be losing 1 year of my H1B visa?

The employer has agreed to renew my visa in due time, but still, i wanted to get things cleared out.

You will get total of 6 years on H1B ( your total stay in US) in US irrespective of anything.

You just need to extend your H1 before OCt 31 2014

THanks SnowWinter for the quick response. In case I lose my job without renewing, can i still file under the same visa number and avoid the yearly gap of limited h1b?

Another question, now tat i have my new h1b approved, do I still get a choice to select either of 2 employers? Or i have to select the new employer?

you wont be subject to cap since you are still under 6 year initial filing date.

H1B is employer based. You are not free to chose any employer you want. The employer you want to work for needs to file H1B for you.