H1B renewal after changing company in india

Currently I live in India.I got my H1b petition in 2006 when I was working with Wipro. I travelled to USA in the same year
and stayed there for 2 years (Mean time my petition expired and renewed). I came back to India in 2008 May. I went back to US in 2009 and stayed there for 3 months on the renewed second petition. In 2010, the second petition expired and wipro renewed it.
Wipro got the renewed petiton but did not hand it over to me to go for stamping.
Mean time I resigned from Wipro and joined in another company. Now it is year 2014. Can I renew my old petition from my new company ?.


I stayed in US only for 2.3 years in my original petiton.
I do have the originals of first 2 expired petition. But I don’t have the details for my 3rd petition ( I never travelled on this petition)