H1B reminder option -Need help


currently i I am in India from let 1.5 years. My last h1 transfer was denied and I was out of status hence I returned back to india. Can I do h1b filing under reminder option? Do I need to go for stamping as well? Here are other details

initial h1 filed by company A in nov-2010 and I started working from dec-2010.

transferd my h1 from company A to company B in October-2011, A did not revoked my H1 which was valid till October-2013.

transfered my h1 from company B to company C in Mar-2013, B revoked h1, and transfer to C got denied. I returned back to India Apr-2013.

i still have 2 years left on my initil h1. So can I file cap exempt h1? I have b1 currently and my probable employer insisting me to come on b1 and then he will file my h1

please suggest how should I go ahead?

thanks in advance