h1B Relocation and Extension_Need guidance

Hi All,

My Employer applied H1B in 2014, i got it stamped for location X and Client A in Nov2014, however its expiry is 31-Aug-2015. As project didnt came up so my US travel cancelled.

Now still my H1B-Visa being unused, what are the options for me,

  1. Does my employer can send me different location by just posting LCA to other location of other client? or do they need to get H1B-Visa amended?

  2. To apply for extension by which date i need to be in USA?

  3. If travel didnt happen , can we reply for visa under cap-exempt?

Welcome your other inputs and suggestions too!!

Hi Vincent,

You can contact me @ +91-8686487152 or provide me your mobile no so that we can support you for the H1B extension since your stamping is getting expired very soon by Aug 2015.