H1B rejection in India during stamping after Approval in US?


I am currently on H1B visa from Oct 1st 2012. Before that I was n L1B for another company.

I would be travelling to India with/without my dependants or they would be travelling to India without. I heard that some H1B cases who go to stamping without dependants or H4 dependants who go to stamping without the primary applicant, get their visas rejected even after being in US on H1B or H4 respectively for more than one year.

Is that true even if we have all the required documents? I work for a very small consultancy company though have proper documents?

The outcome of the stamping is not related to whether entire family is appearing together or not. It has more to do w/ H-1 employment, your profile etc.

If you work in a small consulting company then the consulate can issue to determine more facts about the company. You can carry all the documents, but have contingency plans (for ex. to work remotely) in case you are put under administrative processing.