H1B rejected--- what can be done for the next time

Hi All

I applied for H1B visa in 2013 April under MAsters CAP. I did my Bachelours in Bio medical Engineering and MAsters in Electrical Engineering. Currently i am working as a Java developer in an Insurance company. I got two RFEs for my petetion. For RFE in May about my Employers verification which my employers answered. He told me that he sent his Tax documents and lease documents, etc for that. I got another RFE in October asking the same plus right of control and my educational evaluation. I answered the right of control by sending the Client and Vendor Letter, my employer answered his verification and my educational evaluation. I also sent a certificate which states that i did a six month program in Core and Advanced Java. I got a denial notice yesterday. I still dont know what is a reason behind that. Can you tell me what could be the reason, what are my future options and also what could be done so that i can get H1B in next year.

Thanks for your help

see if your employer is ready for MTR

Yes he is currently I am waiting for the reason of the denial. Once I get that I will proceed with MTR. What are my chances to get approved with mtr and what can I do apart from that? Thanks for your response

I believe this is due to your branch of your UG and PG courses. please check the policy of USCIS and your VISA cell for eligibility of experience for Electrical Engineering.