H1B Rejected section 212(A)(6)(C)(I) | How to get waver

Hi Team,

H1B | Case Year 2006 | B1 Also not getting approved | Need to know the process for waver.

My Previous to previous employer applied the H1B visa in year 2006 which was rejected under section 212(A)(6)©(I) as misrepresented material fact/fraud, By the time I could get the rejection details from the Embassy, I have left that org and now joined another one.

Recently I applied for B1 and that was also rejected duye to enquiry pending from the Previous H1B rejection.

This week, I have already emailed and requested the material fact which which resulted in my H1B visa rejection, and awaiting the information.

meanwhile I would like to know if these type of cases can get waver and what is the process for this?

can you please guide me?



Mumbai India.