H1B Reg EAC*** in Initial review after 4 months. Please advise.

Hi all, thanks in advance for the replies.

The petition filed on Apr 8th and still in initial review status even after 4 months. Anyone with same case?? Please respond, probably when this will announce.? Current L1A visa I94 already expired! Pleae advice.

If your L-1A I-94 has expired, then how are you staying in US? Has the extension been filed?

Normal processing time is 2-6 months. If you want a quicker judgment then upgrade to PP.

Thanks for the response Saurabh.
Yes, my extn has been filed in ‘reg’ before before L-1 I94 expired.
A few things that bather me -
1. waiting for H1B petetion result? Does USCIS has any deadline dates after which no petetion can wait for a result?

2. What (and how) if my H1 petition approves before Oct1 and L1 A Petetion extn is still in 'progress' as on this date?

3. In case of (2), how better can I react with my current employer/future employer? Should I inform USCIS/current-Employer to stop L1 process as on Oct1st?

Could you please advice? Thank you.

  1. No deadline
  2. If H-1 gets approved w/ COS prior to Oct 1, then you have to start working on H-1 from Oct 1. If L-1A gets approved in future after Oct 1, then your status will change to L-1 from that date. You can decide to withdraw L-1A petition if you want to continue working on H-1 after Oct 1. Search for “Last Action Rule”
  3. Yes, you should inform them to withdraw L-1 petition. All this comes down to whether you want to work on L-1 or H-1 after Oct 1.