H1b refused and admission process

Hi All,
Can anyone guide me in this situation.
Last year in Chicago port of entry my visa was canceled.
Recently I changed to new employer and went to visa interview in Delhi April 6th.
Interview completed they returned the passport and mentioned for today they are refusing my visa but it will be under admin process wait for couple of days and your status will update and need to submit respective documents and passport.
Officer: given yellow slip with case number and return the passport.

It’s almost one month no update from them.
Still my visa status is in refused and passport with me.

Can any one help me on this

221g yellow slip can take several weeks based on the documents the CO is trying to verify.

You didn’t provide the reason of your visa cancelation at POE and whether you were deported?

Visa canceled at port of entry, at passport they strike out H1b visa and mentioned canceled And sent back to india

Can any one help me on this my friend is in tension.