H1B receipt - applicant name change


I received my H1B receipt  yesterday and I noticed that my full last name was not specified in the receipt.



Full name: (First name)  Shaji       (Last name) Tarun Pillai

Name specified in receipt : Tarun P, Shaji


All other documents have my full name clearly specified. Do I need to request for specifying full name in the receipt? Will this be a problem in future if I leave this as such?




Its always better to get the documents corrected. Your company/attorney can request for amendment.

Thank you for the reply…When I told my company about this issue, they are telling that there won’t be any further issue. But I am worried that if I go for visa stamping will this be a problem? Also, will all other documents have the same name as in receipt?

Not sure about other related documents. You will have to wait until you get the notice of approval.