H1B re-stamping query


Please have a look at the below scenario and advise accordingly.

There is a person who had his H1B Visa stamping done from Mumbai US consulate in India in March 2016 for one client.

The validity date on the stamped US Visa on the passport is till 30th September 2016.

Due to change in travel plans, an amendment cum extension was filed for this person for another client and another state.

The amendment was filed in Premium mode due to urgent travel plans. It has now been Approved by USCIS. The case status is visible in USCIS website but the approval copy hasn’t been received yet.

Once the copy of the approval is received, the person intends to fly in May 2016.

The travel requirement is urgent and hence we are looking for the fastest way to travel for this person. The said person has never travelled to US and is currently in India.

As the earlier done stamping is valid till 30th September, 2016, we assume that the said person should not need to get the stamping done again to be able to travel to the US location (as mentioned in Amendment cum Extension) in May 2016.

Can you please confirm the same?

That is correct. No need to get new visa stamped as the previous visa stamp has not expired yet. When entering US, the person would be issued I-94 based on the amendment petition.