H1b question

Below is my case. I went for my first H1b stamping at Chennai, India in Feb 2009(I did MS in Computer Science in USA and Graduated in Dec 2007. When I went for H1b stamping, I was working on in-house project, received 221g for employer verification I came back to USA on H4 visa at the end of 2009 and 221g was still pending and in 2010 my H1b petition was revoked because of employer not providing proper documentation. Since H1b CAP was not an issue I filed my H1b in 2011 with different employer and got approval and since then I am working. Now I am thinking of going to Hyderabad, India for H1b stamping (Presently I am working as full time with client) did anybody come across similar situation. Can I get successful stamping this time as I am working for reputed client. Please advise.

I think in your case nothing will happen now. Please go ahead with stamping…For sure things will go smooth.

Thanks @JathinB

Anyone had/ heard similar case. Please reply