H1B Question on CAP/CAP Exempt


am currently working in L1 and Need some details on H1 Petition. I have an approved H1 petition below are the Details  

Notice Date: June 6, 2008  
Petition Validity: October 1 2008 until Sept 28 2011  

I have not used this petition and visa was not stamped for this petition.

Now my Questions are 

Whats the difference if i apply for New H1 CAP 2014 or with CAP Exempt when holding L1 Visa, just to elobrate 

do i have a option/time to choose between these 2 (L1 or H1), to clarify more I don't know when my employement with current company ends, I was thinking can i keep my H1 transfer on Hold till my L1 visa employement is decided.

If my employement with current company continues then am planning to continue on L1 and if my current company looses the client then i can use the H1 for applying for transfer to other company. 

As we have uncertinity with current project renewal so i need to plan for H1. 

Please advice for the best possible solution. Eariler reponses would be appricated as the H1 CAP is coming closer.