H1b queries.....urgent...

hi all,
thanks for viewing this post.

I have some questions below regarding my H1b case.

  1. I have got lottery through premium processing and our consultant has given us I 797 C in old format. is I 797 C still issued in old format?

  2. my consultant has changed my employer and the EAC number which he has given now is different that the first EAC number which I got when my number came in lottery.
    is this correct?

  3. My EAC number status on USCIS site shown “revoked” status. my consultant says , revoked will be shown in transfer process…is it correct?


  1. Both formats are equally valid.

  2. Your question got a statement, not a question. Also you are using confusing words in your statement. Employer, consultant… not sure what do you mean by each. Also you are not clear when did you get in lottery, what are you pointing for “given now”.

  3. No.

First of all get a clear idea about your situation, get a clear idea about what is your question and then think that your question is being read by others, not by you… then put your questions here…

That gives a chance for others to read, understand and potentially answer your questions.

BTW, I-797C doesnt carry any approval status. Its only for status correspondence other than approval status.

  1. “Both formats are equally valid” means even if USCIS have mentioned in their site that they have stoped issuing old format by end of 2012 still they have issued I 797 c in old and new formats in 2014". ???

  2. is EAC number changes when transfer happens?