H1b queries - Please help!!!!

I was in USA from Feb 2013 to January 2016 on L1b visa and return india after L1 extension denied. My company filed H1b in April 2016 and my application has been picked in lottery in May 2016. I have couple of questions.

  1. My L1b extension denied will not create any problem?
  2. Assuming my H1b approved, If i travel after January 2017, will i get the full term of 6 years on H1b or my previous 3 years of L1b will be counted?
  3. Also i checked my travel history on US customs and border protection site and i see they have my arrival date only updated, no Exit date? any idea why and how i can get it updated?

I would appreciate your response on my queries.

Many Thanks,

  1. No issues as long as you left US timely after denial

  2. No as H-1 was applied before 1 year cool-off period. So you would receive 6 years minus time already spent on L-1

  3. Not sure but let your employer know. Maybe they can suggest.