H1b process 2017 from BluePlanet - Any luck or update on lottery or receipt number?

H1b process 2017 from BluePlanet - Any luck or update on lottery or receipt number?Anyone from BluePlanet received any update on receipt number?

I applied through BluePlanet. They shared LCA (from client) with me. I have also fedex shipping information with me. But don’t know how to check whether i m picked in lottery or not.

Waiting for update from BluePlanet team.

I applied through Blueplanet. My case is picked in 2016 lottery. I got receipt notice and number from client and now planing to apply premium process as I want to go through the process quickly to reach US ASAP.

Hi I got my case picked in lottery for 2016 Lottery through Blueplanet’s client. I had a meeting with their client and got my receipt notice.

Hai Guys I got luck, my application picked in lottery. I got my receipt number. There is a good hope to clear Visa interview.

Myself and my husband both applied for H1B 2016. I received update from Blue planet that my file is picked in the lottery and I got receipt number also from the employer who filed my petition. But my husband’s file update has not yet come. They told let us wait and see till June 2016 end. You also can call them and check with them. I believe that they will update things if any one calls.

Hello guys, i have applied through blue planet in this year. i have got good luck and my application got picked in the lottery. i have received Receipt notice from smart source and now planning to to apply premium process for getting stamping quickly. I would like to through the process quickly for stamping and work at US

Hi i applied from blue planet. the petition was picked in the lottery and received receipt notice from the client as well.receipt notice will be issued once your case got picked in the lottery.i am waiting for approval and once it will be done i will go for stamping. as if now things will be fine and perfect.