H1B Previous employment verification


I am having 11 years of IT experience and I am with my current employer since 4 years. Now my employer is filing H1B petition for me. I worked for 3 years in my first company. But they haven’t given any experience letter to me due to some personal issues. So that I have taken a fake experience from a consultancy for 3 years. Four months back the consultancy has been added to ‘black list’ for giving fake certificates. The information is also available on the internet.

Will it be a problem for me while processing H1B?

Please clarify the same and do the needful.


FORGET about H1B. NEVER and EVER… Please dont lie. It will BITE you back real bad some time. Please dont lie. You can live poor but live with pride.

(thats my personal opinion)

Now coming to your question. For H1B, you dont need experience. You need the 16 years of education in the area of specialization that you are seeking H1B visa. If you cant prove any fact, dont represent it on your petitions. Trust me, you may win by being truthful but you will ultimately fail if you lie… please dont lie, you will get the visa.

Hi eesuram,

Can you confirm what happened after that. It is the same case with me now.