H1B premium - still in RFE even after 30 days from documents submission

SEP 05 2012 - H1 applied in Premium

SEP 11 2012 - H1 RFE

OCT 13 2012 - RFE responded

Even after 1 month of submitting RFE my status is still showing as RFE. There is no change in status.

Please advise. Is it Normal? Mine was submitted in California center.

My employer told that the attorney talked to Visa officer on 11/8/2012 and the visa officer said that he will open the case as soon as possible but the status still shows the same.


normally after RFC it should take 15 business days, I guess if they did not take decission with in 15 days, they return premiun fee back to you and your case will be considered in reqular processing.

Talk to Ur atorney, some times employers won’t tell correct info to you. Bingo!