H1B Premium/Regular. Which one is better

Dear Saurabh,

Now everything is ready for my H1B. I have some concerns hope you can help me as always.

  1. my EAD is going to expire on july013

  2. I am working on a project which has tentative final date of last week of 2013.

My main concern is which way should I go? If I go regular and RFE comes after my this project finishes is it going to jeopardize my status? or is it better go Premium?

Thank you.

Are you on L-2 EAD or OPT EAD?

What documents are you submitting w/ your H-1? Are you working for a client or in an in-house project/product?

If you have the documents and if your employer is a big firm, then chances of RFE related to project are less either w/ regular or premium. Filing w/ premium doesn’t help much as H-1 will not become active till Oct.