H1B premium processing for cap exepmt

Hi Team,

Need one help, can you please let me know if the premium processing has been enabled for the H1B cap exempt cases also or is it only for the cap applications for the year 2018?

I know the premium processing has been resumed for certain cap exempt cases in July 2017 but that does include only certain professional categories so just wanted to check if the last week announcement from USCIS also covers the premium processing of the other cap exempt categories or has it been extended only for the cap 2018.

Thanks for your help.



Bobby what kind of cap exempt cases are you looking for?

USCIS has enabled PP(as of 09/29/2017) only for Physicians, Cap exempt H1B for non profit organization and for FY2018 Cap subject H1B petitions. For the rest(transfers, extensions) Premium processing remains to be suspended.