H1B Premium Processing Delay January 2018

A company filed my H1B COE under PP on 01/08/2018. The package reached USCIS WAC – California Service Center on 01/09/2018. As of today 01/23/2018 the lawyers have not received the receipt number via email or regular mail. Has anyone else been facing delays getting receipt numbers via PP?

I got an RFE on the 23rd.

@mdadilali what was the rfe about? I am in the similar situation.

Maintenance of status. What about yours?
Was it filed under pp?

I didn’t get RFE yet. it was filed under PP. I got receipt notice on 16th Jan. I haven’t heard anything from USCIS yet. Is your application approved?

No my application is not approved. The lawyers have not responded to the RFE yet. When was your petition filed?

on 12th Jan. Have you joined the new company on receipt?

No I have not. I will wait till the RFE is cleared, I am already on a valid H1B and do not want to risk changing companies based on the receipt notice.

yes. its better to wait. Update here when you get approval. All the best.

Hey, I am in the same situation as yours. My Petition was received on 23rd in premium and no update yet. Did you receive any update on your case? Are you raising a Service Request? Your reply or suggestions are appreciated.

The company lawyers are terrible. They are taking a longtime to reply to the RFE. It’s has been almost 25 days and they haven’t replied. I’ll keep the thread updated when they reply and the PP clock starts again.

The lawyer sent the RFE response on the 15th of Feb. USCIS confirmed receipt on the 16th of Feb. Now I am just waiting for the USCIS response.

great. I got approval on 20th Jan. But lawyer didn’t receive approval notice till 9th feb due to some technical issue in USCIS. I joined the new company.

I’m also in same situation, My Petition was received on 22nd feb in premium still I didn’t received receipt … is it normal?

I can’t comment on the normalcy of this but I can tell you that my lawyer didn’t receive a receipt number by email or regular mail. On the 11th day since the packet was delivered they got an RFE. It also has been 14 days since USCIS confirmed receipt of the RFE documents but no decision has been made.

Please let me know whether any of you received the receipt number. I am in the same boat. My package was delivered to USCIS on March 5th. And not received receipt till now, almost 9 days. Appreciate your reply.