H1B-Port of entry issues/risks at different airport after H1B Visa stamping - LCA filed with different state?


Warm greetings! Thanks for your time.

I have my approved H1B petition and i am going to India for a vacation. While i am coming back, i should have my Visa stamped in my passport.

I came to US in 2013 through L1B by an employer “ABC” and actually, i got my H1B petition filed and approved last year 2014 cap by a new employer and i am currently working with my H1B employer since last 6 months.

Basically my H1B LCA is filed with New Jersey, but I booked my flight tickets (for the vacation) from San Fransisco to Chennai and from Chennai to San Fransisco for my travel after my H1B visa gets stamped.

Here are my questions:

  1. Though my LCA is filed with New Jersey, are there any issues while entering into US at San Fransisco airport, after H1B visa gets stamped?

  2. Particularly, is there any mandatory requirement that we should enter into US (after H1B stamped) at the state only where H1B LCA got filed?

  3. What are the possible questions they might ask at the port of entry in San Fransisco airport with LCA filed for New Jersey state?

Appreciate all your answers. Thanks again for your time!