H1B pitition - spelling mismatch in passport and education docs

My h1B petition has been selected in the 2013 H1B lottery. currently it is in “initial review” state.

My concern is, all my educational certificates have my name as “SUJOY MAJUMDER”, where as in my indian passport, voter ID card it is mentioned as “SUJAY MAJUMDER”.

This issue is a manual error by indian govt, during my voter card ID generation and rest all the docs followed the same name. The educational ones are erlier than that.

during my singapore EP processing the gov of singapore asked for an efidebit stating that both are same person. So, as a precaustionary measure, During the pition filing i have submitted an efidebit stating both are the same person.

can this difference in name spelling cause any concern for my H1B approval ?

Please suggest.



any body can help me on this ???