H1B picked or not? Unable to follow my employer update


I am currently on H4 visa in US and found a employer who is willing to give me future job and they applied for my H1 this year as regular processing. I have not received any update on my petition from my employer. When I checked with him last week he said ” OPT results are coming out now till last friday. Fresh H1b results are not out yet. After OPT special quota will get released then Fresh H1″.

I dont understand this completely. As per my understanding, he can check in the bank if USCIS has cashed the check or not.

Please help me on finding the status on my case.


Either your employer doesn’t know the process or he is making a fool out of you.

All selected petitions should have been notified by now. If selected, the employer should know the result either through cashed check or receipt of 797C notice.

If employer has not received any information, it is highly possible that you didn’t get selected. Another scenario is that they never applied for you and are making up stories. How much do you trust your employer?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your response. I dont trust this guy. I found this guy from a friend of friend. This H1 petition is actually for my wife who is currently on H4.