H1b picked in April 2016 lottrey, still awaiting for any further update on USCIS website

My H1b application (Form I-129) was selected in the random selection process in April 2016. I got a receipt number (EACXXXXXXXXXX) from attorney. I am able to see the status of this receipt number on USCIS website.

The current status is showing as - Case Was Received

Its been 4 months there is no further update on USCIS website. It shows the same status (Case Was Received) which was there in April 2016.

My case is Regular Processing/ Non AD.

Is it normal that there is no further update (RFE or Decision) till now? How long should I wait for next update? Any SLA defined for this?

Any chance of update sent to attorney directly and not updated on the website? Any such example in past?

Please suggest.

Yes, it is still normal. There is no SLA. I expect most of them to be processed by Oct, but as there is no SLA, it can take longer as well.

There are few instances when online status is not updated correctly. However, employer/attorney would still receive paper notification and would update you on the same.