H1b petition transfer without Stamping from india

I have a query please resolve.
I am working in company x in india . Company x filed my H1b , luckily its got selected in lottery and company X shared only petition number and expiry date (no other documents) to me.
Now i got a good offer from Company Y.
Is it possible that i can move to company Y with approved petition and get stamping from company Y.
Is it possible that company X cancel my petition or not allow me to use this petition with company Y.

Please resolve my confusion.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, Y can file cap-exempt petition for you using A’s receipt number. USCIS can determine from their system other petition details. This is possible even if X withdraws their petition.

Thanks Saurabh.
Sorry for asking one more related query .
What will happen if company X provided wrong petition number (by mistakenly).


That’s a risk. That is why new employers prefer to have receipt notice so that they can be sure that receipt number indeed belongs to you.

Saurabh , receipt number is same as Petition number which start with EAC…

Yes they are same. They may ask for 797 to be sure that the number belongs to you.