H1B petition not picked in the lottery

Hi All,

Did any body receive their H1B packet back from USCIS indicating that their case was not picked in the lottery.

I have filed my petition under advance degree and premium processing. I still haven’t received my receipt yet. I have started to think that my application might have been rejected in the lottery process.

Also, how long does USCIS usually take to send the rejected petitions back to the lawyer?

in 2008, when lottery happened, it took May end to send receipts for all the lottery selected petitions… if petition is rejected, we would know by mid may as per what Ihv heard…

btw I am also sailing in same boat… best of luck

Thanks for the answer.

How about premium processing? I have done premium processing for my petition and my current OPT would expire june ending. Since i did premium processing i am expecting to know some decision by april ending giving me enough time to apply for extension.

If USCIS delays till mid may … it will be difficult as my opt expiration date would be approaching.


I have heard from few people who have got response for their AD premium processing… Might be you wont have to wait till May…

But one thing is sure, waiting is the only thing in our hands… No one can answer about surity of anything… All the best

Ya … i think we need to patient and hope for the best … Thanks and all the best to you too

Hey I am in the same boat, AD PP… Not heard yet anything. I have heard they have kept some applications as wait list, just in case if any selected approved H1s are ineligible… So I think, we can be wait listed… Be positive, they cannot let skilled labor go unselected… And for PP we will come to know by April end…